Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not Gonna Lie

I'm eating the remainder of a bag of milk chocolate chips as I type this. I can pretty much target the reasons as to why I'm eating them, but I can't seem to stop myself anyway. I have a meeting tomorrow at work that I feel ill prepared for and I'm dreading it. Add to that a good chunk of loneliness and some frustration and sadness over a potential friendship that is not going the way I'd like it to. I was already eating those fuckers before I checked my bank account only to find out that I'm $60 off in the bank's favor and can't figure out where my mistake is anywhere. Ugh.

So...the chocolate chips are gone now. Do I feel any better? No. I just have a gross, plaquey feeling in my mouth. So I'm going to drink this bottle of water, try and finish reading Confessions of a Carb Queen and watch the season premiere of Biggest Loser before going to bed and starting anew tomorrow. No, starting anew right this moment. :)

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