Sunday, October 18, 2009


Haven't updated in awhile, because frankly, there was nothing to update.

Back in February, I went whole-hog with the vegan thing and lost copious amounts of weight. I had challenged myself to 31 days of eating vegan, giving up sweets, caffeffine and alcohol and I did great! I got to 243, my lowest weight in years and years. Then as soon as the challenge ended, I got strep throat and shortly thereafter, herniated two discs in my back leading to massive amounts of pain in my lower back and all down my left leg. Oh, yes, I now deal daily with a condition called sciatica.

As a result of these things, I put back on over 40 lbs in the following 6 months or so. I rejoined Weight Watchers 2 months ago and as of today have gotten back down to 265. I restarted my "challenge" several times, but could never seem to get my act together. Well, this time I decided instead of challenging myself to 30+ days at a time, I'd try 10 day increments. So I'm now on Day 6 of 10 and doing really well. The weight literally seems to fall off of me when I go all vegan and stick with it, making sure that I stay in my WW points for the day and week.

So after this 10 day challenge? Another 10 day challenge. And another. I can do this and I can rid myself of this weight and back pain once and for all. :)

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